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 KMxModders Systemlink shop |PROOF|Closed|CHEEP

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KMxModders Systemlink shop  |PROOF|Closed|CHEEP Empty
PostSubject: KMxModders Systemlink shop |PROOF|Closed|CHEEP   KMxModders Systemlink shop  |PROOF|Closed|CHEEP I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 11, 2011 6:25 am

KMxModders Systemlink shop  |PROOF|Closed|CHEEP Grvity-welcome
System link status: CLOSED
Welcome to KMxModdingHD's custom system link shop! We are here to provide you the best service their is. We are legit and we have fair prices!
KMxModders Systemlink shop  |PROOF|Closed|CHEEP Gravity-whatyouget
This is only Mw2 system link!
Prestige Of Your Choice
Level of your choice (1-70)
All Challenges
All Weapons
All Pro Perks
All Camos
All Attachments
All Titles
All Emblems
Custom Leaderboards
Custom Colored Classes
Camos On Secondary
Custom Clan Tag

KMxModders Systemlink shop  |PROOF|Closed|CHEEP Gravity-proof

KMxModders Systemlink shop  |PROOF|Closed|CHEEP Img0262w
KMxModders Systemlink shop  |PROOF|Closed|CHEEP Img0263ly
KMxModders Systemlink shop  |PROOF|Closed|CHEEP Img0264c
KMxModders Systemlink shop  |PROOF|Closed|CHEEP Img0267k
KMxModders Systemlink shop  |PROOF|Closed|CHEEP Gravity-payment
paypal : luan_j_k @ hotmail.com Send as gift leave GT in notes.
Patched At the Moment ( so No system Link )!!

KMxModders Systemlink shop  |PROOF|Closed|CHEEP Gravity-packages
MW2 Full Standard Package : $3
-Prestige Of Your Choice
-Custom Colored Classes
-Unlocks Everything
-Custom Leaderboards (Optional)
-Custom Clan Tag (Optional)
-All Accolades Unlocked
-Instant Service

MW2 All Unlocks & All Challanges Package : $1
-Unlocks Everthing
-Unlocks All Challanges
-Instant Service

KMxModders Systemlink shop  |PROOF|Closed|CHEEP Gravity-livetsream
This is are main hosting live stream, We live stream XP lobbies, WaW Etc.. So right on the hand you know we are legit!
KMxModders Systemlink shop  |PROOF|Closed|CHEEP Gravity-contact
When you paid and ready to get your account system linked, Contact me!

Email: iamawesome222 @ live.com
Just send me the following info
1. Name
4.Desired Prestige
5.Other Notes You Want To Add
6.Put your paypal email so i can verify if you paid Razz ) if the week is a free system link week dont put your paypal info

KMxModders Systemlink shop  |PROOF|Closed|CHEEP Gravity-FAQ

Q:How Long Will It Take For You To Do My Account?
A:Once We Have Recieved Payment We Will Do It Instantly

Q:Are You Legit?
A:Of Course We Are We Provide You With The Livestream Link So You Can Watch Us Mod Your Account And If Livestream Isnt Enough We Will Provide You With Any Other Proof You Need To Feel Comfortable.

Q:Do You Accept Anything Else Besides Paypal?
A: Microsoft points or Member ship codes 😉

Please post legit and Thank the topic once you have your account system linked!

KMxModders Systemlink shop  |PROOF|Closed|CHEEP Scvn00KMxModders Systemlink shop  |PROOF|Closed|CHEEP Scvn00
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KMxModders Systemlink shop  |PROOF|Closed|CHEEP Empty
PostSubject: Re: KMxModders Systemlink shop |PROOF|Closed|CHEEP   KMxModders Systemlink shop  |PROOF|Closed|CHEEP I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 11, 2011 6:55 am

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KMxModders Systemlink shop |PROOF|Closed|CHEEP
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