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PostSubject: Donations For Gaming World   Donations For Gaming World I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 08, 2011 2:46 pm

Hey people, Site Owner Keenan here. I just wanted to let everyone know how the donation system works.

Basically, When you donate, you buy credits that get sent to the Site Owner and they can only be spent on things for the website such as ad removal, the domain "gamingworld.com", more storage space for the site and full copyrights to everything. Points are quite cheap and do go far, 500 points are only $5.95 (£3.95 and 4.95 Euros).

To add 500 MB it only costs 500 credits.
To remove all ads for a year it only costs 1000 credits.
To get a propper domain name for a year it only costs 1600 credits.
To get full copyrights which bring better services to all users, for a year it only costs 1000 credits.

To donate press the "Contribution" button at the bottom of the homepage.

We hope to be seeing some donations made soon.


1. It earns you an Orange Username.
2. You recieve a user title.
3. Access to the staff forum.
4. Earn more respect from staff + others.
5. Easier chance of becoming staff if interested.

Thanks, Keenan.
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Donations For Gaming World
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