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 Free- All of Borderlands DLC

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PostSubject: Free- All of Borderlands DLC   Free- All of Borderlands DLC I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 08, 2011 6:50 am

Read this before you Leave a Comment Below
Each Link consists of 1 archive file containing the Expansion Pack.
You will need to Download WINRAR then right click each file and hit Extract Here.
All the DLC is DRM-Free, so it doesn't require a profile.
Please follow the tutorial 100% if you don't it won't work correctly.
And Note, I am not Kill_Seth. I have posted this because it works perfectly just follow instructions/pictures.

(Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot)
Free- All of Borderlands DLC 2v0zg5x
Download: http://adf.ly/lc1c

(The Zombie Island Of Dr Ned)
Free- All of Borderlands DLC 15bodw
Content: http://adf.ly/lc3z

(The Secret Armory of General Knoxx)
Free- All of Borderlands DLC Sy7ad1
Content: Part 1 & Part 2

(Claptrap's New Robot Revolution)
Free- All of Borderlands DLC 65zok6
Content: Part 1 & Part 2

How to Install the Content

1. You will need a USB Device or a Transfer Cable.
If your using a USB Device, Configure it to your xbox and move a demo to it.

2. Install WINRAR to your PC, Get it Here

3. Right Click the file you downloaded and hit Extract Here.
After doing this will all 4 files you downloaded you should have 4 more files.
Free- All of Borderlands DLC Border2

4. Connect your Hard Drive or USB Device to your Computer.

5. Download and Open Party Buffalo Drive Explorer, Get it Here. Do NOT use Modio!

6. Select File->Open->Drive Selector select your HDD or USB and hit Ok.
Free- All of Borderlands DLC Border3

7. Go into DataPartition->Content->0000000000000000
Look for the folder named 545407E7 if you already have it skip 8 & 9

8. Right Click to the Right and Select New Folder, then rename it 545407E7
Free- All of Borderlands DLC Border4
Free- All of Borderlands DLC Border5

9. Go into the 545407E7 folder then Create a new folder and name it 00000002
Free- All of Borderlands DLC Border6

10. Go into the 00000002 folder and drag and drop the 4 files you extracted into it.
Free- All of Borderlands DLC Border7

11. If you have enought room in your USB or HDD you will be able to fit all 4.
Free- All of Borderlands DLC Border8

12. If you used a USB you will need to move the content to your Hard Drive before playing it.

Title Update 5

Download Here: [Borderlands TU5]

Place the file in: Data/Content/0000000000000000/545407E7/000B0000/
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Free- All of Borderlands DLC
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