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 Official Player Guide's - Death

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PostSubject: Official Player Guide's - Death   Official Player Guide's - Death I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 05, 2011 2:25 am

Are you new or in need of assistance? Well then The Player Guide's are the people you need. We are a group that their main purpose is to help and assist players in all of their needs possible!

If you're online and you spot a Player Guider and you need a hand, they will be at hand to help you with your problem or issue as soon as possible, you can also post here if you need assistance, and a player guide will read this, and Message you with what you need.

Before posting you must make sure you accept to this Agreement:

1.When asking for assistance, the assistance isn't loan or money related.
2. I am not asking Questions that i already know the answer too.
3. I'm not reporting Scam's/ Members for something they have done.
4. I am going to be Considerate and kind to any Guide that's willing to help me.
5. I will not abuse this system by asking for assistance, and then swearing and ranting if the Guide player isn't with you within minutes.

When Posting/Messaging a Player guide, please simplify what you are asking, it can be rather disruptive if you're messaging us paragraphs of information in PM's.

Thank you,

Player Guide:
Death/ Infinity.
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Official Player Guide's - Death
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