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 How to become player mod in real runescape - Most rules apply in here.

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How to become player mod in real runescape - Most rules apply in here. Empty
PostSubject: How to become player mod in real runescape - Most rules apply in here.   How to become player mod in real runescape - Most rules apply in here. I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 28, 2011 6:44 pm

Ok so this guide is from a PAID app on the apple store, I bought it so i could share with you guys.

How to become a Mod in RS.

Most Valuable Thing.

Make sure you have a clean record,
if you have any offences, this could
highly reduce your chances of becoming
a mod.

Step 1.

Make sure you account is fully secure,
Make sure you set good recovery
questions, and a hard password to guess.
You will also need an email set up with
your account and a bank pin.

Step 2.

This requires abit of patience but a
great way to get yourself noticed is by
going to lumbridge in world 1 and
reporting all the noobs that curse, or
advertise they want a girlfriend and
such. For the asking for gf/bf cases,
that falls under the "solicitation"
report. Do not tell them you've reprted
them, and this is very important. Do you
ever see a player mod saying "Reported"
after they've reported someone ? No.
Their actually not allowed to.

Step 3.

For step 3 you are going to want to sit
in a F2P world at the rimmington mine
(look on world map) and report
suspicious botters. Now make sure that
you ask for their mining levels or
something smiliar before you report, as
you dont want false reporting on your
record. But if they are botting, and you
catch them doing it, report them. Don't
over report as it may not help your
chances at all.

Step 4.

Lurking clan chats is a great way to get
some good reports in. By going to
popular chats you are always seeing
people breaking the rules. Report them,
and get your record straight of real
good reports.

Step 5.

Dont ask Jagex / Runescape to make you a
moderator. If you don't it highly
increases your chances. I'm not saying
you can't add your name to the forum,
but don't send Jagex messages on Youtube
or Facebook or anything like that.

Step 6.

Finding the "Are you community focused"
thread on the forums is a great way to
get your name out there. By doing so,
you're instantly putting your name in a
list to get checked, wether or not your
name in that list gets chose, is a
different story. When you find the
thread, post what it requires, your
account name, what kind of player you
are, and why you think you deserve to
become a player moderator.

Step 7.

Trapping botters is a great way to get
some legit reports in. One way of doing
so is setting up a cannon (for members_
near Aubury in Varrock. You can mine
pure essense there, and by setting up a
cannon right in front of the door,
throws off the bots dramatically and you
can just begin reporting as you please.
Don't over report, and do not report the
same person more than once. One report
does the same job.

Step 8.

I'm not saying to always do this, but
there is another way of getting known.
By becoming friends with a player
moderator, you instantly open yourself
to have your player mod friend send
Jagex a recommendation for yourself.
They have a thread on the P-Mod forum
that is open to recommendations.

Step 9.

Help people out with things in jagex Mod
clan chats. Such as "Andrew" or "Mod
MMG" all of these clan chats have lots
and lots of people. By helping with the
community, you get your name recognized,
and sometimes, a Jagex Mod will notice

Step 10.

Joining a clan and getting high in the
ranks will help you become a mod. By
doing so, you're opening youself up to
become a responsible figure for the
community. A skilling clan will most
likely fit you the best.

Step 11.

Dont PK if you're wanting to become a
Moderator, I know it seems like a weird
thing, but believe me, Jagex doesn't
choose pkers. Although, you may pk if
you're chosen to become a mod after you
have become on. Pking all the time
dramatically decreases your chances.
Someone with a PK'er mentality does not
do well under flame, and Jagex knows

Step 12.

Join Fan Sites, and become a very
popular figure there. By using the
forums on fan sites, you can increase
your ranks. If you become admin, you can
get many chances of talking to J-Mods
directly, and this increasing your
community focused selves.

Step 13.

Get yourself on the runescape forums and
help with alot of people's problems.
That is one of the best ways of becoming
a moderator. By joining the forums and
talking all the time, you are increasing
your chances by so much. Out of all the
steps, this is one of the best. Don't
spend all your time on the forums,
though. Play some in-game, and get to
know the community in that aspect as

Step 14.

Report as you see offenses taking place,
if you see somebody talking about
illegal things, report for real-life
rule breaking. If you see somebody
bullying another person, or flaming,
report them. Really good reports get you
noticed, and this is a great way of
showing how you can make it in the game.

Step 15.

Go to popular worlds at the Grand
Exchange, such as world 1 or 2. Find all
the spammers that are advertising the
clan chats and report each and every one
of them for macroing. They are using a
program that types for them, and that's
against the rules.

Step 16.

For the last step, it isn't necesarily a
step, but more advice. The thing is, you
don't want to be mean to people. If you
give off any side of being mean to
people, and jagex happens to be watching
to see how you are acting in game after
they've decided to check out your
account, they start recording your chat
logs. They know what you've said and
done. They've said this in their Q&A
sessions that they don't really care if
you're just talking to your friends, but
as an average user, and talking to
random people, you have to be nice.
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How to become player mod in real runescape - Most rules apply in here. Empty
PostSubject: Re: How to become player mod in real runescape - Most rules apply in here.   How to become player mod in real runescape - Most rules apply in here. I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 28, 2011 6:49 pm

Nice Guide Im Not Gonna Try It But Great Guide!
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How to become player mod in real runescape - Most rules apply in here.
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